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Introducing the most comprehensive and affordable Legal Defense for Self Defense® Program

There’s nothing more important than protecting yourself, your family, and others. By joining our community of members, you can choose self-defense coverage plans with meaningful options and benefits that can make a real difference.

Not available in all states. U.S. LawShield® and its affiliates offer prepaid legal service products. In some states, these products are offered by prepaid legal companies regulated under state law. In others, the applicable entity offers an insurance product. Click here for the details on the products offered in your state.

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Your Protection Starts Here

When you join U.S. LawShield®, you’ll receive essential coverage, peace of mind, and a simple-to-understand plan that’s affordable. Getting this much protection for such a low price makes perfect sense when you understand our heritage, our founding attorneys’ mission, and our passion to serve our community.

Your coverage begins with:

  • 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  • Non-emergency access to Independent Program Attorneys
  • You pay zero attorneys' fees: no caps, no hourly limits, and no deductibles for covered events
  • Coverage for all legal weapons
  • State-specific educational videos, law updates, and online resources
  • All this and more for as little as $10.95 per month

See why it’s a smart decision to join our community of members.

All this for as low as $1095/mo



If you must act in self-defense, you shouldn't have to worry about paying for an attorney.


As low as $1095 per month. No tiers. No hourly limits. Pay no attorneys' fees for covered events.


Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline—it's not a call center.

Customize your protection


Multi-State Protection

Coverage in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

$295 monthly per adult.

Add A Secondary Member

Two Adults $2190 monthly or $240 annually.*

Go Annual and save!

There is a $1995 one-time setup fee per adult.**

Minor Children Coverage

Protection for minor children 17 or under.

$2 monthly per household.

Bail Bond & Expert Witness

Bail bond protection for up to $50,000 in bail with a maximum $5,000 bond fee and expert witness coverage to aid in the member's defense.

Pricing is just $295 per month. Available in select states.

Specialty Coverage


GunOwner Identity Theft Coverage

If your gun or identity is ever stolen (affecting your right to carry), an Independent Program Attorney will provide crucial assistance during and after the incident.

$695 monthly per adult. Available in select states.


Hunting and fishing laws are complex and constantly changing. By selecting HunterShield, you get additional coverage specifically crafted for hunters and anglers and the issues they may face. Get protected in the woods and on the water with this option.

$295 monthly per adult. Available in select states.

Zero Attorneys’ Fees

Members enjoy peace of mind with legal representation for both criminal and civil proceedings.

AttorneyResponse 365®

Access to our Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline for you to call ANYTIME, even if it’s 3 AM on a holiday morning.

Get Armed With Education

Through our seminars, videos, and publications, U.S. LawShield helps arm you with knowledge.